RapForever.com is an online Urban Media publication that offers more than just entertainment: RapForever.com is a comprehensive Media outlet dedicated to providing an online interactive* platform which allows Independent Artists and genuine fans of Rap Hip-Hop worldwide to connect with each other. Through RapForever Media Group, RapForever.com enables both Artists & Fans with global reach and access to:

•Respect and Recognition
•Artistic Promotion
•Online Radio*
•Digital Distribution
•Internet Media
•Global Online connection
•Direct Feedback*
•Interactivity between artists and their fans *
Rap’s original vision were to break the boundaries that boxed-in artists & their Rhyme form memos, permitting communication to society-at-large from an inside and often neglected point of view.The entire culture of Rap is an eternal one, linking our people’s rich history and progression with our own positions in Life. Forever is a statement declaring perpetuity. RapForever is a testament to fans of Rap who carry the Rap Hip-Hop culture as a part of their own culture.

In proud honor of our Respected Hip-Hop greats who “once upon a time” also struggled to make their voices heard and on behalf of Independent artists and their respective fans, RapForever Media Group is determined to facilitate the networking and navigation processes of the Urban Music Industry through the 21st century technologies at our disposal.

The digital-age existence of RapForever.com emerged from an underlying outspread frustration within the Hip-Hop community. With respect to all Artists and their individual artistic expressions, RapForever.com aims to reach the true Rap fan who appreciates true, authentic lyrical skills, content & flow. Rap’s original vision of strength and longevity has always been to provide a platform for the Voice of the PEOPLE:
Long Live Rap, Forever.

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